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Why These Chrome Framed Chairs Will Never Go Out Of Style

I often find myself acquiring chrome-framed furniture and bringing it back to the design studio. These iconic chairs have clean lines and studied structures; I find them elegant and luxurious.
Below are a few lovely examples.
The 951 Design Classic Chair
Originally designed in 1966 by Milo Baughman, this is a distinct  midcentury modern silhouette. With its slender rectangular steel frame, the 951 is a striking mix of style and comfort.

Baughman believed that furniture should look as good from the back as it does from the front. The flat bar metal frames that encased lounge chairs and sofas are his trademark.

The Brno Chair
The Brno is a contemporary classic designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich. The steel frame is a single piece bent into a C-shape from the middle of the back.
The Cesca Chair
Cesca chairs were designed by Marcel Breuer and named for his daughter, Francesca. The Cesca was one of the first chairs using a tubular steel frame to be mass-produced. The canteliever construction gives these chairs their graceful, airy quality.
The Wassily Chair
Another one of Marcel Breuer’s designs, the elegant form is also constructed in tubular steel. The leather back and arms seem to float in space, and you can sit on its seat without ever touching the metal framework.
Milo Baughman-style
This funky chair above has the classic Milo Baughman flat metal shape, but instead of a cantilever seat there’s a pedestal base that swivels. The soft fur is a nice juxtaposition to the metal frame.

Each of these functional beauties is a work of art. If you have any of these at home or come across them at the local yard sale, don’t let them get away-they’re well worth preserving!

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© / all rights reserved / 440-371-5846