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When the Stripe is the Star

This post is about the power and versatility of stripes. My clients tend to shy away from stripes—maybe they seem too preppy or stuffy? But I think stripes are cool. Stripes can be dramatic and eye-catching, and if you use them right, they will endure the test of time.

We recently restored and reupholstered the bench above. The frame’s intricate shape is unique and pretty. I wanted the seat fabric to mimic the lines created along the backrest. The Lisa Corti simple stripe I chose works well with the bench because the scale is similar to the lines within the frame. The color is playful and adds energy to the piece. This piece is for sale here on my website.

The lounge chair above is by Vladimir Kagan and the fabric is by Kelly Wearstler. Here the pairing of midcentury modern with a plush retro striped velvet is dramatic and bold.

I love the this striped bench nook. The wide stripes are daring and classic, modern yet timeless, and easy to pair accessories with, like this fun striped pillow.

Go bold or go classic, stripes have legs and versatility.

© / all rights reserved / 440-371-5846


© / all rights reserved / 440-371-5846