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The Ottoman Empire

In recent years, the coffee table has been reimagined. It’s no longer either a rectangle or a circle; it’s not necessarily made of brown wood; and the way it’s conceived of today, the coffee table is no longer always hospitable to cups of coffee.
As we imagine it at Double R Design, the furniture that best sits in front of the couch, or in the middle of an arrangement of chairs, is the ottoman.

I wanted to highlight a few styles from our custom-designed ottoman collection.

The Philomena
The Philomena is a double-layer construction with a relaxed, arty vibe. The top layer slouches over the base layer. A lot of people are surprised to know that this is actually one piece, not two separate pillows. This ottoman is sculptural and a lyrical conversation starter.

The Charlotte
We love the Charlotte’s stack-of-pancake layers and the tufted stitch detail on the top. Above it’s shown in mohair. This piece is both classic and funky and it can double as a cocktail table.

The Lois
Our storage ottoman–the Louis–comes in custom shapes and sizes. It’s great for tucking away games, blankets, and toys in your family’s living room.

For the Louis above, we mixed three different stripes: two on the outside and a ticking stripe on the inside. Leather hinges and a leather pull add a sense of masculine elegance.

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© / all rights reserved / 440-371-5846