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The Blueberry Bush

This past Memorial Day weekend we set up a booth in the Field+Supply Market in Kingston, NY. Field+Supply is a modern take on an arts and crafts ‘makers market’. This year I shared a booth with an old friend, Erin Edwards, who has a floral design business, Amorosa5.

We rented a UHaul on Thursday morning, packed up some pieces from my Fort Greene studio, stopped in Soho to load Erin’s flowers, and headed to Kingston.

From the back of our booth, we had a beautiful view of the Hudson.

Erin brought a bundle of blueberry bush branches and set them in a chic black vase next to my new slipper chair with jumbo fringe shown below.

That same weekend, I found out that my grandmother, Fannie Ivancic, died at 98 years old. I had just gone to Ohio to see her four days earlier. I love Field & Supply, but this year it was somber for me. I looked at Erin’s branches and remembered how we used to pick blueberries in my grandparents’ backyard in the summer. That’s my grandma below on the left, looking boisterous, picking grapes in their backyard.

© / all rights reserved / 440-371-5846


© / all rights reserved / 440-371-5846