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How to Make Restored Furniture Extra Special

Thoughtful design and paying attention to the smallest details can make all the difference in making the end result chic and sophisticated. Here are a few tips and tricks I use to bring new life to these old pieces.


I LOVE mixing fabric on one piece of furniture. But be careful, it can go wrong real quick! Things to keep in mind when mixing fabrics:

  • Stick with coordinating colors. Mixing patterns within the same color family works best and using varying values within a color family can also add depth.
  • Play with scale. Often larger scale patterns mixed with smaller scale can add interest and dimension.
  • Use the same fabric construction when mixing. I tend to mix wovens with wovens and prints with prints. When you start to add in a lot of different elements that’s when it gets a bit hairy!
  • Put it to the test. I often lay out my swatches and then leave the room and come in again. That first impression is pretty telling.


Modifying the construction details on a piece of furniture even in a subtle way can have great effects. For example, changing the tufting pattern or size of the buttons can make a piece more modern. Here are some other construction details to consider modifying:

  • Pillow construction – I love changing two cushions on a loveseat into one long seat cushion. The single cushion look is cleaner and more modern.
  • Wider tufting – Tufting details are great but a lot of times they are too close together and too small. Consider opening the spacing a bit and creating larger channeling in between the buttons.
  • Integrated cushions – They’re not always necessary but changing a seat cushion to be fully integrated into the chair (not removable) can create a streamlined and clean look.
  • Remove that skirt! I’m not 100% anti-skirt but fringe is more fun and showing your legs off can be cute too.


This is a detail that is hemmed and hawed over a lot and deserves it’s own blog post. (soon to come!) Painting a piece can radically change the look and create something uber special.

  • Choose a tonal paint color that goes back to the upholstery for a chic and sophisticated look.
  • Gloss, gloss, gloss creates that rock candy effect and is very glamorous and fun.
  • Matte finishes are nice for a more natural and raw look.
  • Go bold or go home. On an accent piece have a little fun and push the boundaries.

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© / all rights reserved / 440-371-5846