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How to Choose Paint Colors for Small Spaces

I recently had a client ask me to design a paint scheme to revamp her Brooklyn Heights apartment and transform their space. Here are some key tips for selecting paint color in tight spaces, especially with low ceilings.


If your ceilings are low, consider painting both the ceiling and the walls the same color. That will create the illusion of a taller ceiling because your eye will not focus on any divides between the two planes. You want to reflect as much light as possible so choose a bright white or a slightly gray white. A darker ceiling reflects less light, and therefore feels lower. The Brooklyn Heights apartment had angled surfaces and soffits. Painting all of these areas the same color created continuity.


Identify the natural light source and maximize it as much as possible. This particular apartment had a large window at one end of the living room. Our goal was to draw people toward that light source as they entered the apartment. We did that by framing the window in a bright color (BM Pool Blue). It is a focal point in the room and pulls you towards the window.


The entryway gets a lot of use with two kids, scooters and daily life in general. We painted the door a cheerful green (BM Green with Envy) to hide any scuffs and add a bit of pop to the space. The walls were wallpapered in a stripe by the Brooklyn artist, Wayne Pate, which added height to the space.


White paint isn’t the only color that works well in small spaces. In the bedroom the ceiling soffit creates a nook where the bed is located. We decided to paint the nook  BM Aegean Teal. This added a coziness and warmth to the space and really makes you want to snuggle up in bed!

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© / all rights reserved / 440-371-5846