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Lately, wood-framed chairs have become more and more common to find in chic interior spaces. I, for one, think these chairs are a cool way to add a touch of vintage, vibrant flair. Here are a few of my favorite styles as well as some ideas of how to spruce them up with color.

Above, the chair on the left is in the style of Scandinavian Folk furniture. This style of chair was designed for everyday use, but they don’t follow a conventional sense of proportion. The result is a look of charming whimsy. The chair on the right is a classic Windsor. Originally from England, the Windsors became popular in the US in the 1800s. They have splayed legs, saddle-shaped seats, and a beautiful row of back spindles drilled into holes in the seat. These chairs are for sale here and here in my unfinished inventory.

The above Windsor bench we lacquered in a high gloss finish. Painting the frame accentuates the shape and form of the bench. I love the wet look of a high gloss finish. It adds a sense of modernity and playfulness to an otherwise classic silhouette.

The pair of chairs above have more of a Folk influence. The shaped backs feel primitive and heavy handed. We painted these in a high gloss as well. I love how the paint and geometric textile liven up the spirit of the chairs. These chairs are for sale in my finished inventory here.

I didn’t do these, but I love this image. The cheerful yellow of these lacquered chairs adds an unexpected twist to the classic English vibe.

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© / all rights reserved / 440-371-5846