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Feel the Vibrations

I like meditating, but I often don’t make time for it–my weekly self-care routine consists of Monday night Pilates and, if I’m lucky, a few early-morning runs. But last Friday I had the good fortune to be invited by Kravet to an event put on by Well-Designed, an organization that focuses on wellness for designers.

I had the pleasure of doing sound meditation for the first time. I and a bunch of other designers laid on yoga mats while the facilitator created a powerful soundscape using rain sticks, brass pots and a gong.

As the sounds changed, my mind went on a little journey. I saw a long blue stairway and could feel myself moving up the stairs while the colors changed in tones of blue.

The picture above is of a chair I recently reupholstered for one of my clients. This image gives me a feeling of calmness and warmth. The sound meditation gave me a similar sense of calm and centeredness. As a designer of interiors and of furniture, I try to convey these feelings in my work, but I probably don’t have enough of them in my life.

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© / all rights reserved / 440-371-5846