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The checkered pattern has been around way ever since…No one’s sure, actually. It seems that the earliest examples are found on ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and pottery.

Below is a picture of an Egyptican checkered vase
ca. 3850–2960 B.C.

Below is an oversized checkerboard chair we created for our collection of restored pieces. I love a crisp, clean, checkered pattern and how it holds its own in a room.

A checkered floor, like the one below, is so classic and chic. Over the years checkered floors have been done in linoleum, tile, paint and parquet.

Checks manage to always strike a chord of balance. They pair well with other patterns–florals, botanicals, and other motifs. The clean lines of the checkered pattern can play off of anything.

A few years ago, there was kind of an explosion of checks: on apparel, on bath linens, and on rugs. As a designer, I try to see beyond the current trends. The check–a classic pattern–will always be stylish.

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© / all rights reserved / 440-371-5846