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Camouflage the Chaos

We recently completed a pair of channel-back swivel chairs for a local client who chose the Branquilla print by the late Viennese architect Josef Frank. The pattern is so bold, exhuberant, and modern-looking that you would never guess it’s 100 years old.

Like me, my client has two kids (one which is on the way). Keeping the house perfect is not realistic. To be honest, my client really liked this print and already had her heart set on it when she came to me. But I relate to it in how it reflects the wild energy of a full life. By adding more pattern and lively color to my client’s living space, we are ‘camouflaging the chaos’.

There’s a style of interior designed called accidentalism which was actually created by Josef Frank. All the elements of a design scheme–prints, color theory, and furniture–are put together in what appears to be a careless fashion. In reality, though it is all very deliberate. Above is a picture of this style.

This style is just a bit different than the increasingly popular design aesthetic, Cluttercore, which is all about displaying everything that you have and love. This is about embracing the chaos of daily life with exuberant design elements. For those of us with lives that are filled to the brim, this approach makes a lot of sense. The two swivel chairs in my client’s parlor room, pictured above, distract the eye from any disorder that may be surrounding them creating a camouflage effect.

My client found these two chairs on Kaiyo. We have a few pairs of armchairs that are similar in our unfinished inventory. You can shop these

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© / all rights reserved / 440-371-5846