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At Double R Design, we give old pieces of furniture new life. When you walk into a room and set eyes on one of our pieces, it’s our goal that you not only smile, but also think about the chair or sofa’s long journey. Where it started, where it’s been, and what it’s become.

It takes a creative eye, precise reupholstery skills and bold but elegant choices to make an extraordinary piece of furniture. Our style is fresh, modern, textural, color-inspired and reflects the personalities of the clients we design for. Based in Brooklyn, NY and the North Fork of Long Island, we design our pieces to evoke joy and offer physical and emotional comfort. Sustainability is an important value at Double R Design—we help clients make responsible choices by using locally sourced fabrics.


As a mother of two small children I think a lot about how we’re going to leave this world to our kids. My goal is to invest in well-built vintage pieces—they don’t make them like they used to. I like to take a beautiful and expertly crafted piece of furniture and give it a new vibrancy, a new life, and a continuation of its story as it goes on to live in the homes of my clients for years to come.

It all started when I inherited a bergere chair from my grandmother that I decided to reupholster. It was my favorite place to sit when I used to visit my grandparents so the chair evokes a lot of memories and sensations. I wanted to find the perfect fabric so it would fit where I live now.

The process of reinventing used furniture and giving a new life that is fresh and modern, all the while knowing that I am preserving something that has value and history, is a passion of mine. I work with independent textile designers to source new and innovative fabrics to offer my clients.


Our goals are to reduce the negative environmental impact of our society and to build a better, more sustainable future. We help lower product consumption by repurposing and restoring older pieces of furniture. Often the furniture we re-store is at least fifty years old, and sometimes it’s been around for more than a century! Our pieces are built to last, and are redesigned to liven up your home. Our team of local artisans restore these pieces with the care, skill and good taste to keep them alive for you to enjoy and to pass on to generations to come.


Rachael was born and raised in Northeastern Ohio by a landscape architect mom and a dad who worked in the steel industry. She attended Syracuse University where she majored in Fashion Design with a dual minor in Textiles and Italian. Rachael also studied at the Universita Cattolica in Milan and lived for several years in Verona before making a home in New York City. Working closely with Italian textile mills in Como, Rachael had a successful career designing fashion apparel for close to 20 years. In 2020, she left fashion, began studying interior design at Pratt Insitute, and launched Double R Design. She splits her time between Brooklyn and the North Fork of Long Island with her husband and two small kids.

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© / all rights reserved / 440-371-5846