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We recently partnered with Stitchroom to create a few window seat nooks for a client who appreciates the beauty in mixing textiles. Above is an image of a small reading nook on the second floor stair landing of their beautiful Bronx Tudor.

This home is filled to the brim with wonderful stuff: ancient family traditions, children bouncing around, and an abundance of books. The vibe we were going for was playful, dynamic, and rich with pattern and colors. I like to think these little pillows dance around at night when everyone is asleep.

Above is an image of the window seat in their daughter’s bedroom. The family wanted to create cozy spots, conducive to curling up with tea and a book or hiding out with headphones.

Stitchroom constructed the cushion above as a French mattress so it can also function as an extra bed for sleepovers. The mattress can easily move to the floor and is reversible. The underside fabric is in a Perennials stripe which is bleach cleanable.

Mixing textile designers together is like getting wonderful guests together for a big party. Claire de Quenetain, Jim Thopmson, Pierre Frey, Perennials. That’s a party where I hope to get an invite.

© / all rights reserved / 440-371-5846


© / all rights reserved / 440-371-5846