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A Family Heirloom Before & After

A client recently came to me with a pair of carved mahogany armchairs that her late husband’s grandfather made in the mid-19th-century. He was a furniture-maker, she told me, and would often make two extra chairs when creating a full set to keep at home or have on hand for reference in his shop.

They found workbooks kept by her husband’s grandfather with catalogues of chair designs and style references. He would use these 18th century photographs as silhouette models and recreate designs inspired by them.

The chairs were in their original upholstery when they came to me, an elegant brocade that stood the test of time and would
have been considered quite high-end when they were created, nearly 200 years ago.

For the new upholstery, we chose a printed linen by Kelly Ventura. The print was reminiscent of the original brocade and felt like a modern version of that elegant design. We especially liked how darker parts of the print picked up the color of the mahogany frame.

Each arm has an eagle’s head hand-carved at the end. We made only minor repairs and kept the wood in it’s original finish. What a pleasure to work on furniture with such quality craftsmanship.

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© / all rights reserved / 440-371-5846